Carpe Diem Charity Sales (Stage I)

On June 20, 2020, over 150 artists came together virtually in support of Fondation for Medical Research, France.

Our goal is for the arts community to raise money, support, and awareness for the scientific and medical community working relentlessly on treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19. For a 24 hour period on June 20th, over 150 artists will be live broadcasting via Instagram from their work spaces, studios and the street. Although physically distanced, we will come together to lend our talents and resources to aid in the effort to end the COVID-19 crisis. Across France and the world, artists will be creating live works to be donated to support Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale, France.

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Buy Shares of premium artworks & collections

From $4.6 billion in 2018, the online art market should reach $9.32 billion by 2024 according to the 2019 Hiscox Report.

*Wall Street Journal 31/12/2018 / **Artprice 100 ®index

Over 18 years, average annual return of 8.9% **

The benefits of this continuous Art Growth was previously reserved to multi-millionaires or billionaires. With Monart innovative Art Collection and Artworks share sale, you can start with 100 euros, benefit as an Art Pro! and develop your passion for Art.

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Monart Wave Collection


The monart Wave is the inaugural bouquet of the monart financial platform imagined and designed by Malo Girod de l’Ain, Pauline Houl and the monart team.

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Video Is Now Collection

The “Video is now” is monart premium selection of art videos. The “Video is now” is monart premium selection of art videos.

monart is developing this selection at major video art events around the world, with talented artists and galleries.

Reserve your shares as monart develops the large video platform to allow each share buyer of more than 1.000 euros to benefit from 24 hours a year to view the collection! Enjoy

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Shares of single artworks

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Buy monart tokens, the art token, Mart



Virtual 3D Art Space

artspace monart

Navigate in 3D on your computer, phone or VR googles to discover the premium art selections. Enjoy the visit.


artspace monart

Get a feeling of how an artist works and where they get the inspiration to create their amazing artworks! Visit their studios in this 3D tour.


As a Parisian Fashion Designer, I had the great pleasure to meet Pauline Houl! When Pauline Houl spoke to me and explained me with passion her project “monart”, I was very interested and had the pleasure to be able to “participate and invest” in Marlene Mocquet’s painting.
The selection of artist working with monart is great and I particularly love Marlene Mocquet and Shirin Neshat. I wish the best and a great success to monart and I am looking forward to discovering new artist through monart. […]

Pascal Millet, Head Fashion Designer, Paris, France

As one of the founders of Crypterium, a company that aims to change the way the world makes payments, and an advisor on leading blockchain initiatives, I openly seek out new ideas that don’t just improve upon a current business practice, but which radically shift the way we think, act or behave. Monart is such a project. […]

Austin Kim, Crypterium, London, UK

I was really intrigued by this original revenue based token. It is unlike other tokens or simple currency tokens as Bitcoin ot Ether. After some research, I became convinced that an art based token, with revenues and growing value was a great investment and I bought a large number of the Monart MART token. […]

Heiner Thorborg, Heiner Thorborg & Co, Frankfurt, Germany
if I had to explain to a child what is monart I would say that monart is a wonderful web platform very innovative that support the most important people of the world: the artists, promoting their works and connecting them to art lovers that would like to change the world by supporting the artists!!!
And because this community is so different they create their own money!
Valerie Enlart, Hermes, Paris, France
Monart : A true, disruptive Innovation, bringing more ART to the world.
It is rare to encounter a project that encompasses all the ingredients of a true, disruptive Innovation, to the extent the MONART project does.
MONART has the capacity to disrupt the Art Market, by drastically extending the targeted audience, from a small population of happy few, to Millions of consumers and collectors, by revolutionizing the Art Experience itself, as well as making it affordable to anyone. […]
Patrick Ternier, Innovation Framework, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, NY

Dès que j’ai entendu parler de « monart » par sa Directrice Générale, Madame Pauline Houl, j’ai immédiatement trouvé l’idée audacieuse, originale, pertinente et d’actualité nous entrainant vers un futur très proche.

Une façon de découvrir de nouveaux talents, des artistes confirmés, une grande galerie proposant une aventure sur le monde de l’art, sur ceux qui nous touchent, ceux qui nous procurent de l’émotion, n’est-ce pas, après tout, l’essentiel de notre existence. Monart, c’est une manière d’acheter de l’art, de participer aussi au développement de Blockchain. […]

Patrick Ney, Fashion Luxury Brand, Paris, France
I had a conversation with a Chinese friend of mine who likes art and sees some interesting future with North Korean artists as it has been with Chinese and Vietnamese artists in the 90’s. He was coincidentally mentioning that pieces of art in China had become so expensive nowadays and that there was a constant concern about the authenticity. I talked to him about the Monart concept which thanks to The blockchain technology will ensure a full traceability and Authentication of any piece of art even antics. He immediately envisioned how monart would revolutionize the world of art and antic trading. The Chinese world of art will need and adopt Monart, big time! […]
Jean-Luc Valerio, Airbus China, Shanghai, China



INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES, Leading Companies That Are Disrupting Their industries – February 17, 2020 According to the Harvard Business Review, there are four states of industry disruption that can be analyzed to predict which industries will encounter radical disruption.[…] Monart is the world’s first art marketplace and trading platform to discover and sell great artworks and experiences using blockchain technology with shared ownership (sale of shares) of artwork collections and single artworks. […] Monart’s use of disruptive technology is helping solve the counterfeit art market which is expected to make up around half of the general art market’s $67 billion a year industry with $3 trillion of illiquid art assets.

FORBES, March 26, Darryn Pollock. …This inspiration to capture the essence of the blockchain and its cryptocurrencies is one thing, but as Malo Girod de l’Ain, co-founder and president of Monart, a blockchain company looking to further the technology and art world’s affiliation through art experiences and new business models, explains this inspiration was always going to strike […] […]tokenization of art is already happening, to significant effect, and it is also allowing the art world to be opened and made much more exclusive […] […] we want the art world to look and feel a little more futuristic, we want it to be reinvented somewhat […]

ArtMarket.guru, April 26. […]Monart aims to transform the ways art lovers and collectors discover and buy art. Monart main goal is to offer tools for artists’ promotion addressing the needs of Millennials’ collectors. These tools include both physical galleries and virtual reality exhibition spaces.
In addition, monart shall offer art investors the opportunity to buy shares of artworks or collections through blockchain smart-contracts […]

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monart announces appointment of COO and Art Director

monart is pleased to announce that it has appointed Frederic Steimer as Chief Operating Officer and Art Director. Frederic will participate in the development of the company and he will be also responsible for promoting and managing the innovative products [...]

September 10th, 2020|
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