3 February 2019 Alexandra

Monart’s virtual art gallery !

Don’t miss the preview of Monart’s virtual art gallery!

Monart art gallery screenshot

Monart innovates and offers you incredible artistic experiences with its virtual art gallery !

One of  the Monart ’s missions is to help artists from all over the world to create their innovative art projects and promote their artworks to be sold on the Monart platform. The Monart innitiative will provide grants, artwork purchase, promotion and exhibition to selected artists worldwide. Monart is already working with some innovative artists who are experimenting and creating new types of artworks.

More info about our Monart Art Accelerator Innitiative here. 

For these reasons, Monart built its online virtual art gallery, so stay tuned to discover our artist’s amazing creations. You will be able to visit our gallery in a virtual way and discover our beautiful online 3D exhibitions, as if you were physically there. A gyroscope mode is already available on smartphones, which allows you to follow your device position during this 3D visit! Our virtual art space also goes into virtual reality mode using virtual reality goggles such as the Google Cardboard.

Here is a video preview of our virtual gallery. This is a first edition on its way to be improved, so get ready for a tour and Stay tuned !


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