monart develops and integrates many artistic, technologic and blockchain innovations in order to better allow art lovers, collectors to discover artists’ universe, ideas, emotions, art studios, and securely purchase their artworks or shares thereof.

Yet, this is still a work in progress. If something is not to your liking, please send us your comments, ideas, and suggestions in order for us to continue to improve this community site. You are all part of the monart team.

VR – virtual exhibition

Discover this impressive virtual Art Space including monart first premium artworks selections.

Enjoy this 3D discovery and make sure to send us your comments.

discover the virtual exhibition

3D – VR – 3D tour of artist’s studios

Get a feeling of how an artist works and where they get the inspiration to create their amazing artworks! Visit their studios in this 3D tour.

You can visit the following artists’ studios and there will be more to come

Bernard Garo
Julie Chabin
Nadia Rabhi
Serge Barto

AR – augmented reality artwork discovery

See for yourself how the artwork you like fits in your home (living room, bedroom…) or your office (entrance hall, conference room, office space,…) through augmented reality.

Soon you will be able to choose a test item here and click on the AR button.

Coming soon initially on iPhone iOS version 12 and above later for Android versions.

Real artworks are soon to be included here. Stay tuned.

Discover, enjoy, and be captivated.

Share your thoughts!

Unfortunately this feature is currently available only for iPhone iOS version 12 and above at this stage. Android version coming soon…

Stay tuned for updates

AR – augmented reality special artwork enhancement App

Calamus Planete de plumes-2000

monart brings you unique artworks enhanced by Augmented Reality.

Nathalie and Frederic are developing amazing AR applications to provide an extended art experience around their creations!

Download the monart AR app on your iPhone or Android phone or tablet

App Store
Google Play

Point the camera to their artwork as the one on the left here and enjoy.

Again, share your thoughts with us on this experience.


For your computers, phones and VR headsets, monart Virtual 3D Art Space is already available. Experience an impressive immersive art experience with a new kind of online art viewing rooms of the monart collections: viewing rooms in 3D!

Discover also 3D artists’ studios visit available for computers, phones and VR headsets too, as described above.

Stay tuned for updates

Dapps – decentralized applications

Arche minérale en déliquescence_image 6_196 x274.5

Decentralized applications or Dapps work as decentralized Ethereum Blockchain based smart contracts. monart is currently working on 2 Dapps on its platform:

  • Auction Dapp
    to organize artworks’ auctions. Under development, stay tuned for this launch.

  • Artwork or artwork collection share sales Dapp
    allows for the purchase of shares, artworks, or shares of a collections of artworks. For both shares of single artworks and shares of premium artworks selections.

Purchase here your own shares of those artworks

More Dapps will be developed in future versions of the website in 2019 and beyond.

AI – artificial intelligence

In addition to Nathalie and Frédéric creations, monart will integrate and use Artificial Intelligence proprietary developments to enhance the art community and marketplace functions.

These additions are still in development and will be integrated to the platform once they are fully completed.

art discovery games

Prior to the website launch, monart began to propose innovative art discovery initiatives to help discover monart invited artists.

monart has already organized two innovative art searches through the website and its social networks with rewards both in tokens and in shares of artworks. The search was managed on the monart telegram channel.

See more on our Medium page
Stay tuned for more creative art discovery activities.

More to come

Stay tuned !