Buy shares of great artwork collection to benefit from the art market growth

The Growing Art Market

Sales in the global art market reached $67 billion in 2018, up 6.3% from 2017 after +12% from 2016. Post War and Contemporary art was the largest sector by value in 2017, accounting for 46% of the total¹.

Over a 20-year period, post war & contemporary works of art delivered a compound annual return (CAR) of 10.7 % above the S&P total return of 8.3%².

Big auction houses grew 14.5% annually since 2000, as seen in the graph.

global art market for ICO

Online art market sales reached an estimated $6 billion in 2018, up 11% from 2017.  17% of HNW bought an artwork for more than $100,000, 4% for more than $1 million+. 93% of millennial HNW collectors bought online.

$9.1 billion is the estimated value of the online art market by 2021³.

However, the growing contemporary art market is highly illiquid and only accessible to a limited number of wealthy individuals and institutions.

Participate to the art market growth

To participate to the art market growth and at the same time support the artists, one need to invest in a large portfolio of diverse artworks not just purchase a few artworks for home.

Monart aims to bring art to a new Era, launching the first Art trading Platform where on can start investing in a selection of premium artworks starting with 100 euros.

monart is a digital art trading platform, equivalent to an Art Stock Exchange that democratizes access to the art market. The blockchain-based platform allows artwork collectors, art enthusiasts, as well as institutional and retail investors to buy and sell fractionalized shares of artwork or collections.

With fractionalized ownership through tokenization, monart’s trading platform launches the equivalent to IPOs for companies proposing IAOs «Initial Art Offerings» to provide liquidity to an estimated $3 trillion of art assets worldwide1.

Invest in shares of selection of premium artworks

Discover and invest

The first artworks collections are :

The monart Wave is the inaugural bouquet of the monart financial platform

See the whole collection

The “Video is now” is monart premium selection of art videos.

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The steps of art shares

Artworks Selection

Selection can be by

  • The Monart Art committee
  • Art Curators
  • The monart Community

The first 2 collections are selected by the monart art committee.

Shares creation

Tokenization of collection of artworks or of single artwork, based on ERC721 unique Ethereum tokens.

Shares purchase

Buyers purchase the number of shares they want till 100% of the shares are bought.

Shares trading

People can sell or buy shares on the trading platform

Sale of artwork collection

With advice from monart, owners of the shares can vote with a 2/3 majority to sell the collection.

Distribution of proceeds

Monart sells the collection at the best possible prices to private collectors, museums, etc and then distribute the proceeds of the sale.