Frederic Durieu Nathalie Erin / Frederic & Natalie national
The future of artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology in art to harness figurative representations

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Latest News: Solo exhition at the Saint Ravy gallery in Montpellier.
Large (3m20 x 3m20) artworks installed at the  MICC, the Montpellier Cultural and Creative Industries sponsored by monart.


The work of  the two artists; Frédéric Durieu & Nathalie Erin surprises those who discover and delight those who know it, both in terms of diversity, originality, but above all in their unique technique and poetry.

In fact, they have developed a method that makes it possible to create works of a new kind that characterizes them.

Their works are in the form of paintings, images of a story that reacts with camera or sound, but also in the form of installation, giant frescos or decorations for the living show. They, now use augmented reality to help us discover their works differently. A forward-looking vision! You will discover several of them here.


Frédéric Durieu, a polytechnic and artist, writes his own programs and has been using algorithmic poetry to create works of art for almost 30 years. As a pioneer in this field he has exhibited his works in major museums such as the Pompidou Centre and The Palais de Tokyo. He has also produced interactive works for Nike and IBM and created sets for the Opera. One of his latest works has been installed at the Poitiers Futuroscope.

Nathalie Erin, an artist, musician and singer, is very sensitive to the world around her. She discovered and learned digital art with Frédéric Durieu. Today, they form a complementary artist team and create their works together. They have participated in a number of shows and events in the Montpellier region since 2016 and in the 2017 edition of Coeur de Ville en Lumières where their works were screened on the Musée Fabre.


2018: Dec 11-21 – Jules Nimes Hall Gallery with The League Against Cancer gard
2018: January/February – Clinique Ste Thérèse to Sète with id of Art
2019: January 2-30 – Agnès Boutique b. rue Foch, Montpellier
2019: March 30 to April 21 – Exhibition “Travel Invitation” Espace Saint Ravy, Montpellier
2019: 18-20 October – Salon Art Shopping – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris


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