Lacey Bryant / national

In 2019 Lacey collaborated with  Modern Eden Gallery to release “The Slow Tarot,” a collection of 81 oil paintings that reimagined the iconography associated the classic tarot fortune telling cards. An undertaking that took over 6 years, the Slow Tarot opened to critical acclaim, debuting both as a gallery exhibition and a collection of card sized, fine art prints. The 2nd printing of this deck is currently available through Modern Eden.


Lacey Bryant lives in the SF bay area where she paints almost every day. Her expressive oil paintings capture haunting narratives between her subjects. Characters inhabit a realm of strange, nostalgic sweetness with undercurrents of darkness and mystery. When Lacey isn’t painting, she likes to go hiking, knit, play with her cat, Hecubus and eating cupcakes.


Lacey Bryant was born in Louisville, KY and raised in the SF Bay Area. She works primarily as a scenic artist creating large props and sets for theatre, theme parks and parades.

Her work in oil is defined by her confident, loose brushwork and nostalgic scenes with anachronistic elements. Her paintings present an underlying narrative of shared human experiences such as connection and isolation. Combining elements of classical landscape painting, portraiture and still life in a layered unreality where every disembodied object has sentiment, Lacey operates in the fuzzy logic of dreams and memories. She works from a combination of plein air, still life, photo references and wistful characters pulled from the ether of her imagination. Her aim is to create a dialogue between the viewer and the work, each painting hinting at a story that allows one to insert their own details and personal mythology.



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