Monsta / national

Extreme sports enthusiast since his earliest childhood, he’s long time considered as one of french cross-country skiing’s up-and-coming athlete. Sadly, snow disappearance due to climate change forces him to put an end to his promising career. Then, Monsta decides to develop his personal projects.


Monsta is a mixed-media artist living and working in Lyon (France).


Through his questionning, he’s looking for a way to escape a pretty sad reality, and tries to awaken our chillhood side inside of us as a way-out.

Monsta takes a gloomy and critical look at our society not forgetting to bring a touch of naivety and derision. A contrasting universe appears under his pencil stroke, the imagination of a (lost) child, where games stand alongside death, where monsters are both cute and terrifying and where dreams blend into nightmares.

He uses different ways to express all these contradictions, whether it be drawing, painting, or sculpture and installation.



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