Nina Van Kidow / national

Nina has developed her own style combining diverted erotic iconography with minimalist plastic language.


Nina Van Kidow is a French urban artist who works on representations of the feminine and mainly on the creation of desire in urban space. She has lived and worked in the Paris suburbs since 2010.


She is inspired by media methods and figures in a plastic approach imbued with false naivety. By fixing a certain image of femininity, she likes that these bodies offer themselves to an open and displayed reading. Her field of investigation is the elaboration of the intimate with her share of emotion and fantasy that she translates into her (re) compositions.

Nina started drawing at the age of 16 with naked female bodies in a workshop. In turn become a model for photographers, designers or sculptors (and most often naked), somewhat haunting questions began to pursue it, questioning about this constant rubbing of the flesh and the mind. What we call desire.

His artistic work and formal expression are the logical consequences.
She tries to convey the complexities of the mind in a graphic synthesis.

Nina plays with the contrast of using black and white to represent iconic magazine covers.
She likes to disturb the classic composition of magazines by adding a white bar to their title. She thus wishes to accentuate the distance between the memories represented through the works and the viewers.
Nina Van Kidow’s work offers a (re) interpretation of what she considers to be the true creators of contemporary desire: magazines.




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