Zhang Zhongqi / Pianzi international
Reflecting on the past, focusing on the moment. Present the artwork with memories and realities.

A photographer turned sculptor, Pianzi AKA Zhang Zhong works in the style of post-Mao visual art out of the ColorLoft in Shanghai.


“Usually I’m trying hard to keep hold of an idea that has just flitted by. Once I’ve captured the idea, then the problem is what medium I should use to express it. I don’t consider vague questions of globalization or ethnicity, in reality the works created by an artist who lives on the “scene” of the era, are the very evidence of that “scene”.” – Pianzi


Zhang Zhongqi (aka Pianzi) was born in 1959 in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Pianzi currently resides in Shanghai where he runs the ColorLoft. He is a member of the China Artists Association and the Printmaking Committee of the National Artists Association of China.


1991 The 10th National Youth Woodblock Print Exhibition (Beijing, China)
1994 The 12th National Woodblock Print Exhibition (Shenzhen, China)
1995 Establish “Zhongqi’s Art Studio” in Lijiang, Yunnan province
1996 The 13th National Woodblock Print Exhibition (Jiangsu, China)
1998 The 14th National Woodblock Print Exhibition (Chengdu, China)
Had his works exhibition at the Finer Side Gallery (Washington DC, USA)
2002 Participated in The Long March –a Walking Visual Exhibition (Kunming, China)
2003 Participated in the annual “Images of China” –I am China (Beijing, China)
Installation art exhibit, Sit for a While (Shanghai, China)
2004 Organized and participated in the video exhibition Flowing (Shanghai, China)
2004 Iksan Outdoor Installation Project (Korea)
2005 Organized and participated in the Exhibition Psychopath (Shanghai, China)
2006 Participated in “Magma”–Contemporary Chinese Art (Shanghai,China)
Participated in “The Way You Are”–Contemporary Chinese Art (Shanghai,China)
Participated in Contemporary Art China show at Pablo’s Birthday Gallery (New York, USA)
Participated in “Face Value” at Lotus Art Gallery (Lotus, Netherlands)
2007 Participated in “A Wind from Shanghai” (Leusden, Netherlands)
2008 Participated in the group exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art (THE Gallery, New York)
2009 Participated in “EUPHORIA” (Shanghai, China)
Participated in “Memory•Shanghai” (Shanghai, China)
Participated in “Mix It Up” (Shanghai, China)
2010 Participated in Pingyao International Photography Festival (Pingyao, China)
2012 Participated in“shining” (Shanghai Fashion Center)
2013 Participated in Swatch & SAPH @ Biennale di Venezia 2013
2015 Anticipated in”The 2nd Exhibition Of Artists” Books from around the World” (Beijing, China)
2016 THE DRAWING HAND Magda Denise gallery (Shanghai, China)
2018 Anticipated in the “QiYu art exhibition” (Shanghai, China)
Anticipated in the “Citrus” Public art season (Ningbo, China)
“Red” group show at IINNOO GALLERY (Shanghai, China)

Individual Exhibits
2000 Installation work, We Salute you Viagra, at the Face to Face Art Space (Kunming, China)
2002 Experimental woodblock print, Urban Dialog, at Galley Nordica (Kunming, China)
2003 Experimental at Exhibition, Simple, at the Chen Fan Gallery (Shanghai, China)
2004 Organizer of the interactive art activity,To Enjoy Art in the Name of “Party” (Shanghai, China)
2005 Organizer of the interactive art activity, the “Mixed Site Ⅰ” (Shanghai, China)
2006 Organizer of the interactive art activity, the “Mixed Site Ⅱ” (Shanghai, China)
2010 “zhaozizai” solo exhibition in GALERIE JUNGER (Shanghai, China)
2012 “Swatch art peace hotel project” (Peace hotel, Shanghai, China)
2016 Vernissage Pianzi at Galerie Le Moulin 4 (Switzerland)