Yveline Etienne / international

Yveline Etienne lives and works in France. She has hosted several exhibitions in France and also in overseas for the past two years in China (2018) in Mexico (2013, 2015, 2018, 2019) and in Saint Petersburg, Russia (2020).


The exhibition “Fotografía del Umbral” of Yveline Etienne recreates the encounters and experiences that connect communities in France, China and Mexico, questioning nationalist ideas of cultural exchange. Yveline Etienne presents two processes that materialize in two interconnected photographic series. This exhibition presents different versions of the meeting and encounter where the average light in the small and large sized aluminum prints. On the other hand, it also presents a series of chemograms with a pictorial technique that combines photographic procedures and materials to question the historical and representational function of photography. In addition, Yveline generously establishes a dialogue with the sculptor Christian Thomas.

Yveline Etienne’s work invites us to cross the threshold in the encounter to rethink our relationship with power through time, to discover an ethical space in which responsibility with the Other is an imperative need.

Francisco Guevara
August 2019


Yveline Etienne started to host her photographic exhibitions in 2000. His work questions visual perception and its relationship to the imaginary and fantasy, sometimes to hallucination, which composes the experimental nature of her photographs, like a journey of reverie and tragic irony.


Selected Exhibitions


Paris université américaine de Paris, Prix Combes (January, France )


Senlis Festival d’Art sacré, Prix Galerie Combes (April, France )
Puebla Fondation Arquetopia, Exposition : « Fotografía del umbral », artiste sculpteur associé Christian Thomas à la résidence et à l’exposition (August, December, Mexico)
Nantes, 22 artistes exposent pour l’association « Toit à moi». Vente aux enchères au profit de l’association (September, France)
Paris, Galerie/atelier EncreNous (November, France)


Nantes : mai 2018. Exposition collaborative avec Pierre Gillet, musicien et designer (May, France)
Chine Xiamen CEAC : août Octobre 2018. Exposition : « It’s a child’s play » (August, October)
Asserac Bretagne, Exposition collaborative avec Michele Riesenmey, peintre (December, France)


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