Gao Xiao Wu / 高孝午 emerging
When I explore man’s true essence, I see all kinds of lives at the moment

Gao Xiao Wu, a sculptor and visual artist, was born in Sanming, Fujian Province in 1976 and currently lives and works in Beijing, China.


“Man’s true essence is never changed by time and space; otherwise it is not essence. However, under different time or space, people always show characteristics of different age or region. Therefore, any surface phenomenon is temporary and blurry.

I feel lucky to live here in the present. When I explore man’s true essence, I see all kinds of lives at the moment. Mixed feelings well up in my heart. From my personal perspective, I seek the intrinsic connection of the meaning of life through different time and space, while pondering about the value of life.

I am lucky because I can capture what I have seen, heard, thought and felt, by demonstrating my existence through art. “
– Gao Xiao Wu


Gao Xiao Wu was born in Sanming, Fujian Province in 1976. At Xiamen’s Art Academy, he discovered his affinity for sculpture and later furthered his studies at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Gao’s works are not only based on the lives of ordinary people’s lives in the city, but they also serve as an exploration of his own identity. His creations avoid political symbols and totems, instead focusing on his concerns with happiness and everyday grief. Gao’s aesthetics fall into the generation of comics and cartoons. Like many artists in his generation, Gao spontaneously returned to the nature of artistic creation, pursuing his own aesthetic display of expressing interests achieved by content and medium.

Standard Times Series
Gao Xiao Wu’s pieces are a reflection of modern Chinese society and portray innately Asian behavioral norms and mental attitudes that combine to create a collective Asian identity.
The posture of Gao Xiao Wu’s Standard Times sculptures will be the first thing that strikes the viewer about his sculptures. Gao’s work is an expression of reverence that he sees as innately Asian, and in an act similar to a genuflect, the personification of respect transcends to the motion of bending forward.

City Dreams Series
Where Gao Xiao Wu’s Standard Times series is angular and appeals to a pleasure of visual symmetry as a set of three, his City Dreams series contains pieces that can be enjoyed both individually and collectively with its more free and joyous form of expression through softer silhouettes. The roundness of the figures suggests existence in a state of complete bliss and tells of how the pursuit of happiness occupies the mind of every city dweller—man or woman, regardless of age or social standing. Gao questions our notions of true happiness and suggests that our souls have to be enriched first before our physical body can achieve a whole sense of happiness. Gao’s pieces can be interpreted in various ways, but one thing is for certain: his delightful pieces bring a smile to all viewers.


Floating New Generation of Art in China, Korea

798 Art Festival, Beijing, China
Festival International-Exit: “Animanga”, Paris
Chinese Art Today 2006 Exhibition, Beijing, China
Art Singapore2006, Singapore
The Dawn of Meaning Beijing, China
Cheonggyecheon Arts Festival, Korea
Fiction@Love Exhibition, Shanghai, China

Extravagant Age: Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Sculpture, Tianjing, China
Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China
Exhibition of contemporary art in China and France, Shanghai, China

Solo Exhibition – Standard Age: Action of Sculpture, SOHO Beijing, China
Standard Age: Action of Sculpture, SOHO Beijing, China


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