Nadia Rabhi / Nadia Rabhi emerging
A pioneer in digital photographic artworks & creations

With a focus on aestheticism and collage, Nadia Rabhi creates eye-catching and sensory digital prints


Since 1998, Nadia Rabhi has worked on numerous productions with major press outlets and book publishers, main record companies, and a number of communication and advertising agencies. From her past as a press photographer, she remembers her historic encounters with celebrities like Nirvana or Barry White who ultimately shaped her eye for professionalism. Nadia channels influences from a variety of mediums from artists such as James Turrell, Sonia Delaunay, or Man Ray to photographers like Jean Paul Goude or Serge Lutens. In addition, the musical references she constructs are inspired by musicians, especially Mickael Nyman whose sweeping scores evoke a sensitive and sensual atmosphere.

“Study the science of art, study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” -Leonardo da Vinci


Nadia Rabhi is both an author and photographer residing in Paris. She is a graduate from ENACP with a strong interest in composite images and an aesthetic and photographic approach to her work. Nadia explores her sensitivity and aestheticism through creating eclectic and innovative graphics, portraits, collages, and more. Part technician and part visual artist, she has developed a photographic approach in the work that she produces, whether that is in publishing, music, advertising, or cinema. She sees herself as a creator of images, utilizing a positive polarizing filter—a firmware that has adapted to the digital revolution. Her personal histogram is a reflection of the dominant photographic techniques of the day and solidifies Nadia as a polymorphous photographer. More recently, Nadia’s work has returned to its roots: portfolios for publication, physical exhibitions and completed commissions.



1994 Salon de la photographie, Kodak, Paris
1995 Sarasvatî, What’s Up, Paris —
1999 Magnificent, Magnific Mag, Atelier Mitchel Feinberg, Paris
2000 Magnificent, Atelier David Gaz, Paris
2011 Festival Djazzafonk Unlimited, Clichy
Light Dreamers, Strada, Paris
2013 Fluxus contre emploi, L’oeil Histrion – Art comtemporain gallery Hermanville-sur-Mer
Grigri Fétiche, Atelier des vertus Paris 3eme
Plus jamais seul, Standards Expositions, Rennes
2016 MAT#1:Public auction dedicated to technological art and partner of Futur En Seine
2017 Week End à la mer, collective exhibition, Maison De La Plage
Pop Up Store, 19 Coté Cours, Paris
2018 Rikiki 2, collective exhibition proposed by Joël Hubaut / Satellite gallery
Salon des Fake news, collective exhibition proposed by Alain Snyers /Maison des Arts contemporains de Pérouges / Maroc
Dreamers series‘s, online exhibition on Corridor Elephant Magazine
2019 Monart, international community, global art market


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