Atelier Serge Barto / Serge Barto national
Marrying art and architecture to create illusory cities in the clouds

French multi-media artist, Serge Barto, works with 2D and 3D minimalist architectural pieces in a monochrome palette


Serge Barto has been a sculptor for 20 years and is involved in both art direction and graphic design.

For Architects:
Lacaton & Vassal Architects, Yona Friedman, Patrick Bouchain, François Seigneur, Arte Charpentier Architects, Kilo Architects, Jean-Batiste Pietri Architect,

RH + Architects, Sébastien Segers Architect, Roland Carta Architect, Anthony Bechu Architect, Laurent Goudchaux Architect, Archikubik, Ingrid Taillandier / ITAR, Lankry Architects, Chabanne Architect, Pargade Architects, Pierre Audat & associés, François Confino

For Architectural Journals:
The magazine l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

CREE magazine

Archicréé magazine

For Institutions and Publishers:
The City of Architecture & Heritage, Apur, Nexity, Egis Building / Elioth, Semapa, Foncière des Régions, Kaufman & Broad, Eiffage, Lafarge, Holcim

Editions Actes Sud, Ante Prima, Editions Hyx, Editions Eyrolles, Éditions Norma


Serge Barto has been a sculptor for 20 years. He spent his youth in his hometown, observing the shipyard of the Port of Nantes. This is where his inspiration for his sculptures originated. His work incorporates aspects from his background as an academic in Architecturehis sculptures and design have a contemporary minimalist feel. For his series “The Huts in the Clouds”, he plays with movement and light to “draw” moving shadows on the walls. In “The Suspended Cities”, he designs micro-architectures and outlines them first in pencil and then in Photoshop to turn his designs into landscapes and cities.

Serge is also a teacher at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris where he teaches the basics of graphic design and project communication. He previously worked at the French Institute of Architecture as an interior design architect before transitioning to working as an independent artist.



2018 “Mistycity”
Explosion collective “Sans Tain/Without Tain”, Galerie Canopy, Paris; Polystyrene and led interior lighting 100w

2017 “Éclat de ville, éclat de vie”
Collective exhibition “Traversée/Crossing”, Galerie AAB, Paris.

Sculpture:  “Éclat de ville”, painted wooden sculpture

Sculpture:  “Éclat de ville”, Dibond printing

2016 “Les Cabanes dans les nuages”
The Huts in the Clouds

Collective exhibition “Sublime objet”, Galerie AAB, Paris, 2016. 

Sculpture: version 140 x 100 x 90 cm.

2014 “Les Cabanes dans les nuages”
The Huts in the Clouds

Collective exhibition “La Cité Jardin /The Garden City”, Le Pré St-Gervais, 2014.

Sculpture : version 140 x 100 x 90 cm.

2014 “X”
Collective exhibition in ““La Cité Jardin /The Garden City”, Le Pré St-Gervais.

Sculpture : version 140 x 100 x 90 cm.

2011 “Les Cabanes dans les nuages”
The Huts in the Clouds

Collective exhibition “Des artistes en campagne/Artists in the countryside”, Savins.

Sculpture : version 300 x 150 x 120 cm.

2007 “Passage perché”
Passage perched

Collective exhibition, Château de Quierzy, Quierzy.

Sculpture :  205 x 75 x 18 cm. Painted wood of red and blue color.

2007 “Lichtkwartier/quartier en lumière”
Light District

Collective exhibition, “BENEFLUX 05“, light installation, Bruxelles.  

Sculpture: 150 x 120 x 5 cm. Material: raw plywood, suspended by nylon threads. Lighting: 5 mini white fluos.

2005 “Tentative d’approche”
Tentative Approach

“Collective exhibition, SUPERFLUX 04“, light installation, Lyon.

Sculpture : 18 x 40 x 18 m. Material: wooden structure covered with fabric / layer / paper / nylon thread. Lighting: Cold cathode white / blue / pink fluorescent tube: 300 mm x ø 4 mm.

2003 “Imaginez un instant qu’elles se reproduisent !”
Imagine for a moment that they reproduce!

Collective exhibition, “SUPERFLUX 03“, light installation, Lyon.

Series of several sculptures : 30 x 18 x 8 cm. Material: metal / plastic / wire / electronic components, Lighting: low voltage.


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