Sima Yuan / international
Living All in One: Combining art with the exploration of life science

Sima Yuan, a multi-media artist based in Beijing & Founder of the SIMA Art Museum


“In the future, I’ll try to combine art with the exploration and research of life science, since these two are originally the two ways for human beings to explore the world. They differ in the ways of exploration and thinking, but the goals are universal for both of them, which is the reason why I don’t want to split the two, but to observe the world in both perspectives. There may be a chance to discover more about the world.”


Sima Yuan graduated from the London College of Communication and currently resides in Beijing, China where she continues to create artwork at her self-named SIMA Art Museum. For 15 months, she worked to transform a common living place into a studio & art museum of her own, where she has curated 11 online-exhibitions with 223 artworks, including a wide variety of photography, poetry, painting, fiction, sound, performance, and film. The apartment where she lives is everything in one for Sima: her creative material, a living place, a studio and a museum. And she herself, is simultaneously the director, curator, artist, exhibition decorator, audience, material and exhibit. This project has caused a sensation in the art world and also drawn attention from important art media such as Marie Claire, FOTO VIDEO, MASTER Oriental Art, and more.


Sima Yuan held her first solo exhibition “Another Europe” at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Sima Yuan began to cooperate with 12 women of different ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds for a project called The Second Sex. She created, directed, and shot 12 photography fables, both independent and correlative, that presented the spiritual monologue of women in different stages of life.

The Second Sex was made into a smaller “Mobile Exhibition” and exhibited in different locations on numerous occasions. She had private dialogues with 34 viewers discussing life, death, sex and love, which were recorded and finally made into a piece of sound works named Questions in a Box in 2014. This project was exhibited at the KABUSO Art Museum in Bergen (Norway) as part of “the 100th anniversary of the world feminist movement“.

Her photo book, The Seventh Day, was selected as one of the “50 Contemporary Photo Books from China 2009-2014” and exhibited at the FORMAT15 International Photography Festival in Derby, UK.

In the same year, SIMA Art Museum was founded, primarily as an experiment against the art power systems of traditional museums. This project has caused a sensation in the art world and also drawn attention from important art media outlets such as Marie Claire, FOTO VIDEO, MASTER Oriental Art, and more.

Sima Yuan’s solo exhibition “Awareness” was held in Beijing, alongside Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, the Swiss Ambassador to China and his wife, Mrs.Marielle de Dardel, who also owns a collection of the prints from this series. “Awareness” series established a close relationship between the inner esthetic feeling and objects, using innovative techniques and employing ordinary materials. The exhibition was covered by CHINA DAILY.

The same year, her latest painting installation series “Poetic, Formless” was exhibited at the China Millennium Monument. In this exhibition, she transformed the poetry text through the painting and sound, analyzing and discussing the semiotics meaning. “Poetic, Formless” was covered by CCTV.