Anti – Vanité

130 x 97 x 3.5cm - 5 kg - Unframed // 2016

Artwork description

Acrylic, spray paint, collage  

  • Vanity suggests that earthly existence is empty, vain, human life is precarious and of little importance. Handcuffed to the radiator of our neurons by our own chains, our fears, our beliefs, in our comfort zones. But we are the creators of our lives, we can free ourselves from what hinders us and go like Prévert to the slave market and see that we are not there.

Artist biography

Layticia Audibert is an abstract, self-taught painter. She defines her painting under the term “Poeture”, a mixture of poetry and painting: “My paintings are like jolts of sobs or laughter that come out through my hands”. Through conceptual work, minimalist colors and refined although sometimes brutal materials (razor blades, chains, steel, etc.), she expresses her own feelings through the play on words and images that she creates with the observer: in this game, there is no rule. This is the moment and its fleetingness. It makes abstraction a real language, an exchange, an interaction. There is a tension between her anthropological questions and her aesthetic quest and through her painting, she shares her responses which oscillate between humor and poetry …

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