Back to the moon (Sold)

24 x 30 x cm - Framed // 2020

Artwork description

Mixed technique painting and collage.   "Back to the moon" represents two apprentice witches preparing to return to school on a full moon evening. This work inspired by the literary universes of Harry Potter and Amandine Malabul (Mildred Hubble in English) aims to poetize the start of the school year, a day for many children as well as for their parents, is full of emotion as well as stress. In the world of magic, this day is transformed into a magical, poetic moment full of promise. This work also aims to raise public awareness of the education of little girls, it is compulsory for everyone to go to school in France, however, not every girl has the right to go to school in the world. We know, however, the education is one of the keys to empowering oneself and being part of the whole that represents society. We have to realize that many girls do not have access to education in many other countries in 2020.

Artist biography

Working with a mixed technique of photography and collage, Marquise develops a poetic, dreamlike and quirky universe in which everyone is invited to dream, to immerse themselves and so on.

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