EDOLL. n° 33

79 x 76 x cm - Unframed // 2020

Artwork description

Ink transfer on old cotton sheets, flea market

Artist biography

After years of working in the fashion and advertising industry in Paris, London and Milan, Softtwix moved to Paris as a photographer. Since then, she has dedicated her energy to the accomplishment of a personal photographic approach. Softtwix has gone through professional circles which have taught her not to be mistaken about her own desires. She lived several years in Tokyo, satisfying a passion for Asia, which we find, in a certain way in her approach and her sensitivity, fruit of exigency, patience, refinement and perfectionism. Freedom is the spearhead of this atypical artist, who claims no strangeness, just the possibility of being herself in her work and to go to the end of a quest, his own. The kind of task that can, she knows, occupy a lifetime…

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