Geometric fluidity (Sold)

Fluidité géométrique
30 x 60 x cm - Unframed // 2020

Artwork description

Mixed technic on canvas (2 pieces of 30x 30 cm). This work speaks of the movement of the elements, here in this case the water which is uncontrollable and incompressible, but is necessary for life and which man always tries to canalize, to protect from this beautiful but so unpredictable and powerful nature. The human being tries to control it and extract energy to allow it to live more comfortably, but what we always forget is that these actions damage the environment and make it even less controllable in his fits of anger. The whole challenge of human lies in this ambiguity in the face of his environment, of which the virus is a part and which reminds us of our vulnerability, it is a question of finding the right dosage between respect and control, a concern for the future which is expressed in this mysterious black and blue canvas.

Artist biography

World renowned Swiss visual artist, painter, photographer & performer. Working between Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Paris & Geneva

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