Joker (jkr) Why so serious – Dark night (Digital)

Giclee //
30 x 30 x cm - 0.1 kg - Framed // 2008- Edition : 1/1

Artwork description

Artist , George Ioannou Painted in  2008, of Heath Ledgers portrayal Of the joker ; RWC developments of London , have now used the digital  copy of this master piece to create the art bitcoin , bringing the joker & his dream to life on the  blockchain , whilst the world is facing financial ruin with the corona virus & recession . This could be the  future of world currency .RWC stands for royal world currency , investing in the Rare joker bitcoin is just  the beginning . In Batman the movie , the joker,s dream was to take control of the worlds Money , now is the time in 2020 with the dollar & oil losing value , the joker is Also in everyone & won many Oscar awards , we at RWC developments aim to produce further Artbitcoin,s , making the jokers dream become reality. [More Information: Best Art Deals of The Joker Legend with Monart] Regular Price: 1000 € (Early Bird: 100 €)  

Artist biography

Since George Ioannou arrived on the art scene the art market has welcomed Ioannou with open arms and embraced him for his fresh style of art. In 2005/6, Ioannou was listed within the Top 10 best selling artists for the UK.

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