Liberty, Equality, Femininity

55 x 75 x cm - Unframed // 2020- Edition : 4/8

Artwork description

[For Carpe Diem Charity Event] Limited serie of stencil, stamp no. 4/8 Stencil, acrylic spray paint, varnish on paper,cut in shape of stamp. Here is a permanently valid stamp. In Carole b.'s work. on the representation of different figures of strong women through Wonder Woman (her "Wonder Woman Project"), Marianne is a regular character. And because colors make sense, purple is alone a reference: indeed for a long time, French Marianne (symbol of the French Republique ) stamps for international mail, were... purple, like the official color of feminists around the world ! "Freedom, Equality, Femininity" : Carole b. is inspired by the French Republic motto ("Liberty,Equality, Fraternity") which carries in it the universal aspirations of women, but here, Carole b. revisits it with a dose of humor to highlight women.

Artist biography

Her main works stand out above all by a subtle and strong style, full of glamour and humor, mixing both femininity and feminism, historical references and pop art.

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