Place de la Fraternité

80 x 83.5 x 0.5cm - 3 kg - Unframed // 2020

Artwork description

Collage on MDF 5mm

Artist biography

Christophe Verdon (@acotedelaplaque) is an artist «Plaqueticien». Indeed, he expresses himself only through his street plates, either by creating real enamelled street plates, or by its stencils and collages in the streets.

A sort of personal Pantheon, with inspirations as diverse as Perec, Dalí, Mesnager, Banksy… his work is a double declaration of love to Art and Paris.

The main idea is that the collage spaces must resonate with the pasted works, such as «Place de la liberté d’expression» Rue Nicolas Appert (siege of Charlie Hebdo), «Abbey» Rue de l’Abbaye, or to the news «Impasse of global warming» created for the COP21 and «enhanced» by a Donald Trump for his visit to Paris, «Place de la Fraternité», collage.

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