Totem Recollection No. 3

photography //
110 x 337 x cm - Unframed // 2007- Edition : 6 of 6

Artwork description

C-print plywood on aluminium. The Totem Recollection series: Lying on a red and infinite landscape of stigmatised Mao figures, the nudity of a dead woman body is sacrificed on the altar of communism. Raping sensuality, a green military suit with a glittering badge stands as the character’s only piece of clothing. As if swallowed by an immense propaganda sea, semi buried women go unnoticed as their blood merges with the red abyss of the Revolution. Tied up with thick and solid ropes, some convey the impossibility to differ or escape from the unique party’s path.

Artist biography

Tian Taiquan weighs the factual truth about the Cultural Revolution in China through his art. The strength and reality of what he experienced in the political and cultural realm of his life is depicted in a visual manner through digital technology.

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