Woman Night

video //
Unframed // 2018

Artwork description

In the night, a woman goes through the city streets and loses her sense of identity. She imagines becoming part of the city: her body, a long street with no end - she embodies this city, with its traffic and people. The city is moving inside of her and becomes part of her. Like a lava flow she will carry everything down to the river.Cities series: Wordly cities are perceived in moving flows that are both slow and rapid. Buildings, sidewalks, streets become one with passers-by. They merge together and combine theirs characteristics, shapes, colors, substance.

Woman Night, 2018, 4'57'' (excerpt)

Artist biography

Catherine Gfeller is a Swiss artist. She currently lives and works in Paris and Montpellier after having lived in New York from 1995 to 1999.

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