Best Art Deals of The Joker Legend with Monart

Get the Best Art Deals of The Joker Legend with Monart This June

If you’re a fan of art with a light touch, Monart is glad to announce an upcoming art deal on the Joker Legend this June, with the exact date to be published soon. As we speak, people around the world are on lockdowns because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This can make you feel somber or depressed. This’s why is giving you a chance to buy art that will put a smile on your face and those you love.

The Joker legend pronounced as “jkr” is a famous character in blockbuster movies and playing cards. Are you so serious or sad because of the current situation? Don’t be, because this summer we present artwork of the legendary joker by the Dark Night artist George Ioannou. The artwork was painted in 2008 based on Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker.

Monart has partnered with RWC developments, an English Art Dealer based in London. The two firms have used the digital copy of the Joker masterpiece to create tokenized art in 4 prints with 100,000 tokenized digital files. Each single digital version being recorded on the Blockchain, including the buyer info, so there are no two same versions This brings the Joker and his dream to life in blockchain technology, as the world faces financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus and the subsequent recession.

The combination of masterpiece art and blockchain technology could be the future of currency. For example, international development firms like the RWC are already advocating for a Royal World Currency. Invest in the rare Joker tokenized digital version because every single digital version is recorded and authenticated with the buyer’s info. This means that no two versions are the same. This is just the beginning, so don’t be left behind. Remember, pioneering investors in any venture, always reap the most benefits.

The Joker is a funny and grandiose character. In the film Batman, the Joker’s dream was to control all the money in the world. Now is the time to use the Joker to secure your investments. In 2020, the dollar and oil prices have depreciated, but the value of the Joker has not. The Joker is still an admired and memorable figure that has won many Oscars.

The RWC research and development team aims at producing advanced Artbitcoins, making the Joker’s dream become a reality. Now, let’s tell you something about the history of the Joker character on films and cards. This will help you appreciate the Legend of the Joker, and make an informed decision during the upcoming Monart deal to be announced.


The History of The Joker Legend on Both Films and Cards

The Joker in films

The Joker appeared for the first time in Christopher Nolan’s superhero movie called The Dark Night. The film was produced in 2008 and centers on the Dark Knight’s character, a supervillain. Heath Ledger, an Australian actor played the role of the dark knight. He is a psychopathic criminal mastermind. The Dark Night is a murderer, but his sadistic sense of humor endears him to his audience.

In his attempt to control the city and its money, he unleashes chaos and anarchy. This is meant to disrupt the social order in Gotham City. Batman is a superhero who is constantly in conflict with the Joker, trying to prevent him from taking over the city. The Joker character is built upon two novels, Batman: The Killing Joke, and The Arkham Asylum: A Serious House Serious Earth.

The Joker is dressed in purple and green while wearing makeup covering his face like a mask. The Joker also wears a Glasgow smile with green hair on top of his head. The Joker character also borrows from traits found in previous movies. For example, he takes his clown act from the fantasy film “The Brother Grimm” by Terry Gilliam, while depicting paintings done by Francis Bacon. The paintings appeared in “A Clockwork Orange”, a novel by Anthony Burgess.

Initially, Ledger’s casting of the Joker in the Dark Night was received with controversy. However, opinion has changed, and now Ledger’s is considered the finest, and the actor himself considered it the most memorable role he has ever played.

Unfortunately, after the film was released, six months later the actor died from an accidental overdose. His performance was widely acclaimed, and the actor himself praised it as his most enjoyable. Furthermore, his performance in the film received universal acclaim and several praises from the posthumous accolades. The actor also won an award for the best supporting actor.

The character Joker is also preluded at the end of Batman Begins. Now, we would like to tell you something about the most notable Joker performances in the Batman Franchise.

Batman Vol. 1 (1951): The man behind the Red Hood

The Batman vol. 1 captures the story of the Joker 11 years after he first appeared. Batman was an instructor teaching criminology. While in class, he describes the persona of a criminal called “Red Hood.” He had met him ten years before Joker’s disappearance. They met at the Ace Chemicals plant. Upon investigation, Batman learns that Red Hood was the Joker.

He confronts Batman and explains to him why he decided to become a villain. He stole $1,000,000 and retired, before becoming the Red Hood. The Joker attained his dream by stealing from the Monarch Playing Card Company. The Red Hood (joker) had designed an oxygen tube that enabled him to swim under chemical waste.

Joker batman

The Killing Joke (1988): Batman

In this film, the Joker takes the role of a unanimous lab worker, who has quit his job to become a stand-up comedian. His wife Jeannie swears that he is the funniest man she has ever met. The Joker’s wife became pregnant and he needed some money. This made him design a master plan that assisted criminals in breaking into the Ace Chemical plant.

The criminals the Joker works with have been using different insiders to assist them in robbing places. Each time the team of bandits robbed a place, the Joker made them wear Red Hoods to let the police know that he is the mastermind.

Joker loses his wife to an electric accident, and this drives him insane. Nevertheless, he continues with robberies. The police manage to catch up with the Joker’s gang and gun down members before Batman shows up.

The Killing Joker

Batman (1989)

In this sequel, the Joker is portrayed as an old-time gangster called Jack Napier. He is a sociopath who has a keen interest in the arts and chemistry. The Joker killed Batman’s (Bruce Wayne) parents. Batman and the Joker meant at the Ace Chemicals and the fight that ensued led to the bleaching of his skin. The accident he suffers when fighting the Dark Knight makes the Joker wear a permanent smile. The smile is exegeted by the back-street surgery he decides to have.

The Joker considers his new look a rebrand of himself as he takes a job as a homicidal performance artist who is willing to destroy the entire Gotham. He blames Batman for his new look, but the act of killing Batman’s parents makes him feel like he deserves it. This version of the Joker never made it to the comic books.


Batman Vol. 2: Batman Zero Year (2013-2014)

In the latest series of Batman, the Joker stars as an international criminal called Red Hood One or Red Hood. He leads a gang of bandits wearing red masks. The gang runs across Gotham city causing terror for months before Bruce Wayne transforms into batman. Every gang member has a unique identification number with different skills.

When the Joker learns about the new hero batman, he is fascinated and even offers batman a job. The joker also claims to have shared experiences with Bruce Wayne. He says that those who killed Batman’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne also killed his foster parents the same night.

Joker movie

The Joker in cards

The History of The Joker Legend on Cards

The first depiction of the Joker character on modern prints can be traced back to the comic book titled “Batman” published by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson. The joker as portrayed in the book was inspired by playing cards. Most modern French playing cards have the joker as one of the cards in addition to the diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades, and hearts. The joker card soon found its way in the Spanish and Italian versions of playing cards.

Joker card

The power of the joker as a card is a triumphant one. It can allow players to make another player takes some time out. It’s also considered the highest value card. In cards, the joker doesn’t have any standard appearance. However, joker cards produced in the contemporary era reflect the personality of the character joker as portrayed in the batman movie. All of them portray the Joker as a funny character.

A standard deck of cards has two Jokers. In games where the card is not needed, it may be used as a placeholder in case a card is lost. In games where they’re used, the joker is the most powerful card that can alter the course of the game.


With such a long and vast history, participate to the legend and profit from the digitalized on!

Stay tuned.


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