Digital Art and Crypto Art with The Monart Digital Art Collection

Digital Art and Crypto Art with The Monart Digital Art Collection share sale and tools Coming up.

Digital art is one of the most popular subgenres of contemporary art. However, some digital art platforms focus on crypto art as opposed to digital art. Let’s define the two terms so that we read on the same page. Crypto art is a term used to refer to the new art practice of mixing art and Blockchain in many different ways, ranging from just inspiration to the inclusion of a fraction of Bitcoin inside the artwork. Some started with rare digital artworks called digital trading cards. Crypto arts are often linked to unique and scarce tokens on a Blockchain. This combination of Art & Blockchain allows you to buy, sell and exchange artworks like physical products.

The Artnome an online art news website categorizes digital artists into tech savvy and self-trained. Tech savvy artists are artists with advanced tech skills acquired in school or working as an apprentice. Self-trained artists have no formal training as the name suggests. This quarter, Monart is launching Digital Art Sales Tools that allow you to Download digital art files. These tools enable you download real digital art files Not only crypto art files.

The digital art sales tools will make it easy for you to invest in art. You’ll be able to walk into our online art gallery at and view a wide collection of artworks. You could then download a digital version of any piece of artwork you like using the digital sales tools.

Apart from launching a digital sales platform, Monart is also looking forward to partnering with other art exhibition platforms. For instance, we are in the process of partnering with CADAF Online Fair. Monart is planning to participate and propose digital art online that include some crypto artists. CADAF just like Monart supports communities of artists, galleries, and collectors. The CADAF online virtual art fair will be held exclusively online in June 2020. Beaux Arts & Cie also support the initiative. The event is meant to challenge the restriction in physical exhibitions caused by the COVID 19 virus.

Although Monart is partnering with crypto artist and platform, our focus is still on digital art. The term digital art could mean a variety of things. It can be the art you create with your personal computer with programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or more sophisticated tools to create digital animations, digital interactive or generative artworks. The most popular digital artwork files include .tiff, .jpg,.pdf, .gif, .mp4, etc.

After buying the files, you may sometime, depending on license terms, have the option of printing them. Technically when you buy a piece of artwork from an artist, he/she will send you a link to download the file. The artist may also pass the right to print the digital artwork as many times one wishes to the buyer. However, the reprints have to be for personal use. Artists don’t give a commercial license to those who buy digital versions of their artworks. This is the right to sell or print the file with the purpose of distributing to third parties.

After creating high resolution files in the accepted formats, galleries and artists will be able to sell digital artworks through Buyers will walk into our virtual exhibition room and views digital artworks from artists across the world. They have the option of purchasing the art they like by the click of the mouse. This will be made possible by our upcoming Monart Digital Art Sales Tools. Sites like JOSIE are already selling physical and digital crypto art, but the variety is still limited. Examples from Josie Bellini:

Digital Art and Crypto Art JOSIE BELLINI


Monart bought an edition of

Digital Art and Crypto Art JOSIE


Furthermore, there is still a very wide untapped digital art market across the globe. Most online digital art markets deal with crypto arts. For instance, the COINTELEGRAPH, an online crypto news website has reported new development in the crypto art space. An experimental art movement based in San Francisco has come up with something called “autonomously programmed art piece.” This algorithm changes the appearance of digital artworks with the fluctuation of Bitcoins.

The fusion of art & blockchain technology has led to the production of two types of crypto art according to HACKERNOON, an online content publishing platform. The first type of crypto art is technology-based. For example, artists who use blockchain technology to create art games and puzzles to be assembled. The second type of crypto art use blockchain technologies that are not related to the artwork itself. For instance, using blockchain technology, an artist could register a physical painting to a blockchain art collector.

According to the Forbes, crypto art is a new niche, but artwork based on blockchain technology is not a new phenomenon. The pioneering blockchain art was published in 2015 and was called Sarah Meyohas’s “Bitcoin.”

The Monart Digital collection shares sale and tools gives you the chance to trade in art differently. You’ll be able to browse our online gallery and download digital art. Stay tuned, register also to our newsletter by clicking on the right menu bouton Subscribe.





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