monart will reserve a percentage of the initial STO and of each transaction to the monart Art Accelerator Initiative.

monart Art Accelerator Initiative’s mission is to help artists from all over the world to create their innovative art projects. The monart Art Accelerator Initiative aims to support, promote and finance innovative art & tech creations to be sold exclusively on the monart platform. The innitiative will provide grants, artwork purchase, promotion and exhibition to selected artists worldwide.
Artists have a unique way to reinvent the world, to bring new point of views, to add meaning, generosity, emotions to our often too cold world with their vision, creativity and talent.

monart is already working with 3 innovative artists who are experimenting and creating new types of artworks at the intersection of art & tech with their creative visions and tech expertise.
Stay tuned to discover their amazing creations.

monart plans to develop the art world in parallel with a strong social responsibility to promote a global and inclusive art community. The Initiative will be managed in monart coins.



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