Monart at the Block Plus Summit in New York

Block Plus Summit — Token Economy and Financial Market conferences

On November 11th, Monart had the opportunity to participate to the Block Plus Summit in New York for the 8th stage of the Monart roadshow.

See here for a list of speakers and event demographics.

The Block Plus Summit was co-hosted and sponsored by organizations and affiliations from some of the best educational institutions in the world, such as Harvard Business School, MIT, Columbia University, NYU, and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Their goal was to educate students and professional about the blockchain innovations in the technology and financial market.

The event included some particularly relevant topics including the tokenization of assets for investment purposes, regulatory aspects of the STO market, and a talk from Slava Rubin: the founder of Indiegogo and a NY-based VC fund.

Monart at the Block Plus Summit

The various breaks in-between conferences offered interesting networking opportunities. Monart gathered quite some interest as an innovative and promising project, in an industry people do not usually think of linking to blockchain (as opposed to more common use blockchain cases in financial Moservices with crypto funds, etc).

The Monart team had an interesting discussion with directors at HPB (High-Performance Blockchain) which led to some great insight on technical aspects of a blockchain-based platform and further opportunities in the industry.

Because the Roadshow must go on, keep up with our upcoming events here .



November 17th, 2018|