Monart Blockchain Space in Beijing

Monart Blockchain Space

On November 1st and 2nd, Monart held a  roadshow in Beijing China at 798 Monart Blockchain Space.

It is probably the most important Blockchain and art event of the year 2018 because Monart has been endorsed by the Blockchain world.

Monart hosts 7 roadshow events in major cities in different countries, Malta, Geneva, Paris, etc. Beijing is the 5th stop. The guest speakers, including H.E. the Ambassador of Switzerland to China, shared their points of view on the topics of art, innovation, blockchain technology and leadership.

Speech on stage of Pauline Houl, monart co-founder Monart at Blockchain Center in Beijing, China. Nov. 1st, 2018

“For the majority of artists it is really difficult to be recognized in their country and even more internationally. monart wants to give them exposure by organizing events around the world, help them to followup on their sales and make sure their resale rights are respected during theresale of their works, and with their contacts with collectors …” Pauline Houl, CEO of monart based in Beijing.

Monart, its participants and partners

Government and business leaders, artists from China and Europe were attending to learn how a start-up such as Monart could disrupt a 63 billions USD art industry.

Monart is honored to get great support from famous artists, such as Gao Xiaowu, Zhou Shichao, Bernard Garo, Pascal Yerly. ThesB artists bring the blockchain technology to the art and contribute a lot to the combination of Blockchain and art.

Monart is also engaged in aiding the emerging artists, such as Liu Wanmin, Sima Yuan, Serge Barto, Nadia Rabhi, Julie Chabin, etc.

“when I first heard about monart, I immediately realized it can empower the artists such as me because there are so many counterfeit artworks today. The authentication by the blockchain is the most reliable. With Monart art community we can easily reach the public and other artists worldwide. It’s a transparent and decentralized art community which can support artists they like, this is a true innovation for the art world…” Concluded Zhou Shichao.

The vision of the artists and art lovers on art market powered by Blockchain. A talk between H.E Jean Jacques de Dardel, Ambassador of Switzerland in China and Zhou Shichao. As a famous international artist, his works feature in collections all over the world, at museums, art institutions and collectors’ collection.

The guests received at the occasion of Monart roadshow an artwork from Wanmin Liu, one of the Chinese contemporary supported by Monart.

The event ended with a nice VIP diner, combining creative art with creative food of Halo’s food and Cocktails.

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