Monart charity art auction at global trend conference 2019 in Beijing

Don’t miss monart charity art auction on november 28TH 2019 at global trend conference in Beijing, China.6 artworks will be auctioned by Monart during the event !Both Malo, president and co-funder of monart, and Pauline, CEO of monart will be participating at this exceptional event.

The First Blockhain based Artworks Charity Art Auction in Beijing.

During the event, monart organized the First Blockchain  based Artworks Charity auction in Beijing. It’s been a great success as the 5 artworks have been sold !

Monart was delighted to invite you to a Charity Art Auction in Beijing on November 28th 2019. Monart presented an exciting and new way to enjoy the art auction with blockchain technology at the charity gala night! Dozens of Chinese and international enterprises and celebrities, as well as Chinese pop stars, assisted this charity auction. The magnificent artworks from five famous international and Chinese artists have been successfully sold at the auction.

More information about the monart launching platform at Global Trend Conference here.

Learn more about the 5 auctioned artwork by monart here !

Here a picture of the auctioneer at the Global Trend Conference during the Charity Art Auction.




The world first art charity auction powered by blockchain technology


A true innovation in the finance and art world

Art price increases much faster than gold


Trade art like stocks

Monart makes it easy and accessible to everyone.

You can buy millions Yuan artworks for a little fraction of their price.

When & Where? 

On November 2019 28th at the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, China

An unique opportunity to join the blockchain world with monart.



Join the Blockchain World

At the occasion of the international charity sales, monart, the world first French art platform powered by the blockchain technology, introduced the world first investment vehicle backed by artworks and powered by the blockchain technology. The owners of these artworks didn’t only do a good deed for charity causes but also benefited from the advantage of owning an ERC721 token. The ERC721 token represents the ownership of the artwork. For more information contact monart team (


This token ERC721 could be easily traded as a liquid financial asset on monart art stock exchange platform or others financial platforms.

Join today to benefit from an innovative and secured investment vehicle !


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