@ monart:

  • We strive to open the art market to all, investors, traders, collectors, art lovers and the general public.

  • We enthusiastically propose and promote the best artworks and artists worldwide, emerging artists, rising stars and international masters alike after checking for authenticity.

  • We constantly innovate to provide unique, stunning solutions, both online and offline, for all to discover and enjoy.

@ monart:

  • We develop a culture based on tolerance, respect, trust, security and transparency towards our clients, partners, galleries,artists and team.

  • We hire an international team (europe, China, US), diverse (even the 2 founders, Pauline in Beijing, Malo in Paris), expert, creative and open whom we trust and reward.

  • We aim to be part of a sustainable world, recycling, using renewable based energy, offsetting our carbon footprint and spreading the word towards our artists & partners ecosystem.