Monart’s Chinese Artists

Monart is glad to present you its 2 Chinese Artists and some of their artworks : Gao Xiao Wu and Zhou Shichao.

Gao Xiao Wu

Let’s introduce you to one of the Monart’s Chinese Artists : Gao Xiao Wu.

Gao Xiaowu was born in Fujian Province, China in 1976. He was graduated from Xia Men Art Academy majored in sculpture in 1999. Having studied sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004 for one year, he lives and works in Beijing ever since. His artistic notion is “The moment that is”. He believes that art belongs to everyone. His art is full of humor and the core idea is being good and honest. He also believes that art should not be direct, but use metaphors, and art must be out of rational thinking. His work is related with concern, criticism and reflection of social issues out of a society. His earlier creations are “Standard Age”, “City Dreams”, and “Our Generation”. The most recent ones are “Soft Violence”, “Discrepancy” and “Rebirth”.

His artworks have been shown at Art Basel Miami, Hong Kong Art Fair, Biennial of Lion, Melbourne Art Fair and Art Singapore. His sculptures work were collected by MoMA New York, The White Rabbit Art Foundation Sydney, Parkview Group, Ekaterina Culture Foundation and DBS Bank and private collectors.

Zhou Shichao

Now, let’s introduce you to the other one of Monart’s Chinese Artists : Zhou Shichao.

Zhou Shichao was born in Qingdao, Shandong Province in 1965. He graduated from the Shandong College of Arts in mural paintings in 1989 and then, started teaching at the same college.

In the same year, he began to work on painting. In 1991, his artist career began with the “Cognition and Participation”, a joint exhibition held at Shandong University. During the past 30 years, Zhou Shichao has been held more than 50 solo and joint exhibitions in China and abroad.

So far, his works are collected worldwide in more than 20 countries, including France, the UK, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Germany, Korea, China, etc. His artworks are collected by many museums. For example: Art Institutions and Collectors, Yacht Club de Monaco, the Ferretti Group, the Ferrari group(racing), the Ferragamo Group in Italy, Electricite de France (EDF), Marseille City, Marseille Museum, The Vatican Pope Francisco etc.




June 16th, 2019|