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FORBES, March 26, Darryn Pollock. This inspiration to capture the essence of the blockchain and its cryptocurrencies is one thing, […], a blockchain company looking to further the technology., April 26. Background, Founder, Team, Partners, Ambition, Business Model(s), Blockchain, Technologies (AR, VR…), Disruption, Art Market, Token, Private Sales, STO, Competitors, Perspective… Malo Girod de l’Ain answers all the questions of Frédéric de Senarclens, founder of

CCN, March 25. monart bring Art in a new Era, and become the 21st century Christies. monart wants to disrupt the current 67.4 billion $ a year art market, and to open this market to the wider public. monart’s objective is to reach 1.6% market share after 5 years.

DISTRIBUTED, March 26, Greg Thompson. Although monart isn’t the only company with plans of transforming the industry through a blockchain, it does seem to have a promising approach. The company’s largest retail presence.

ARTDAILY.ORG, June 7. A few days before the Art Basel 2019, the Contemporary Art Platform of the 21st Century is welcoming two influential figures from the art market to the core monart team: Christophe Durand-Ruel as Special Art Advisor and Eva Hober as Chief Art Officer (CAO).

THE ART NEWSPAPER, 7 juin, Ann-Lys Thomas et Alexandre Crochet. La jeune plateforme d’investissement dans l’art contemporain Monart vient d’annoncer le recrutement de Christophe Durand-Ruel comme conseiller spécial en art, et d’Eva Hober comme Chief Art Officer.

SILICON REPUBLIC, February 14. An art gallery’s work has not evolved much in a hundred years. At Monart we plan to disrupt the art industry, a $67bn-a-year market. Monart reinvents the art world two ways: developing many art innovations to create new art experiences, and proposing new business models to tokenise artworks.

HACKED, March 19, Chris Matthews. … monart strikes me as both promising and fun. For many, art is something they are passionate about. For others, art represents a fantastic niche space to generate investment returns. Combine the two, along with a company with the potential to transform the industry, and you have a big winner.

AMBCrypto, May 2. By launching various Artistic Experiences, monart is helping art lovers and collectors discover an artist’s universe, ideas, and art studios. These experiences include 3D Exhibitions, AR, AI, VRG, Decentralized Applications, Art Discovery Games.

ASSURANCE & BANQUE 2.0, 2018 october 18, Emmanuel Mayega. 2 jeunes pousses ont été récompensées dans les secteurs de l’art et du stockage de données personnelles, dont monart, plate-forme blockchain mondiale, communautaire et market place, spécialisée dans l’art.

Platinum September 26. Thinking of investing in cryptocurrency in 2019? Get the best STO to invest/best ICO to invest in here. Platinum team has compiled a list of 5 best STOs based on our expert opinion and experience in the crypto market.

IRISH TECH NEWS, May 20, Jillian Godsil. The future of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Blockchain technology in art, monart, is to star in Malta’s second AI and Blockchain summit.

IRISH TECH NEWS, June 14, Jillian Godsil. Our dynamic concept is based on Blockchain and the idea that people can discover art in new and different ways that can be more fun and less intimidating than traditional galleries or museum exhibition.

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LE COURRIER FINANCIER, 18 octobre, Mathilde Hodouin.  Asset Management – Investir sur le marché de l’art contemporain dans un univers presque entièrement digitalisé, ça vous tente ? C’est le pari de la plateforme de trading monart, qui lance cette semaine sa première version bêta. Le Courrier Financier vous explique le fonctionnement de cet outil.

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