Thank you to white list to participate to the innovative monart tokens MART private sale.

monart reinvent the large art market ($67 billion a year art market and $3 trillion of currently illiquid art assets) with:

– a large art platform secured on the Blockchain with new business models: sale of parts of artworks, sale of parts of collections
– innovative art experiences like 3D visit of artists’ studios and many more

monart tokens, the MART, are revenue based tokens bringing large revenues to token holders based on both:

– 100% of the monart art collection added value
– 10% on all transactions fees on the online art platform.

Work on the monart platform is in progress and preliminary tests are promising: monart is happy to announce that the first artworks’ shares have been sold to close partners! 

Close to ICO or STO, using STO security token infrastructure (KYC, AML), monart tokens, regulated in Malta (European Union State) by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority), are called VFA (Virtual Financial Assets), so regulated as utility ICO coins.

You can already download the Lite White Paper from the website home page. Please see also the detailed disclaimer for the monart STO. We will contact you after your registration. Our email:

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