The Enigma Securities research report of Monart STO

Enigma Securities London recommends investing in Monart Security Token Offering.

The Monart Art STO Research Report by Enigma Securities

The Enigma rating regarding the Monart Security Token Offering is: BUY! Their research report is online!

Here is a short preview of their report about Monart STO:

We think this is a clever project in a market that could benefit from appealing more to a younger demographic. The ability of investors to hold part-ownership in an artwork could appeal more to millennials who invest more in experiences, rather than things.

The Monart model means less hassle for owners and also allows for further monetization

The STO has already won several high-profile awards including 1st prize at the 2018 Blockchain Day ICO Awards in Paris.

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More information about Monart STO here.

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