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monart token

You get revenues from both

  • 100 % of the added value of the monart art collection

  • 10 % of all the art platform transaction fees

and benefits from the token increased valuation with the growing platform usage
& you participate to the financing of artists


Interest of buying monart MART token:

a Unique & Profitable Art Token

  • You acquire one-of-a-kind revenue based tokens getting you 100% of the added value of the monart art collection and 10% of all the art platform transaction fees. This an important difference to simple currency tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc which does not bring revenues.

  • You participate in this innovate art world including the recently developed monart reference art platform which also acts as a transaction platform for the sale of parts of artworks or selection of premium artworks.

  • You help artists promote and sell their artwork, especially through purchases for the monart Art Collection with 50% of the token sale.

The monart MART Art Token

Initial value of the token is 0.04 euros.

For example, 2.000 euros (ie $1840) is equal to 50.000 MART tokens plus 50% free MART tokens 25.000 private sales for a total of 75.000 MART tokens.

Register on the site to benefit from this early offer

In the next months, monart will launch the public sale and an IEO with a major crypto exchange to bring liquidity to your investment.

Exclusive Privileges

To thank you for your support, monart has organized many exclusive special offers depending on your token investment. See all exclusive offers below and access directly the token platform today.

  • 1.000 euros +: For the minimum participation of 1.000 euros, your name (or a pseudo) will be displayed on the list of initial monart token, or MART owners.

  • 2.000 euros +: All of the above plus 200 euros of free additional tokens.

  • 5.000 euros +: All of the above plus one special invitation to one of the major art shows worldwide, such as FIAC (Paris), Art Basel (Basel), Armory Show (New York), etc.

  • 10.000 euros +: All of the above plus shares of one or more artworks of great artists of your choice on the monart platform, global value of 1.000 euros, and private access to the pre-opening sales of the monart themed artwork collections.

  • 50.000 euros +: All of the above plus 5.000 euros credit to purchase artworks or parts of artworks on the monart platform.

Token distribution

  • The total issuance of monart tokens, MART, is 1 Billion tokens.

  • The distribution is divided as shown here:

Token disclaimer

The tokens have been determined to be ‘Virtual Financial Assets’ in terms of Maltese law, and that thus, the purchase of such tokens does not constitute purchase of securities under the laws of Malta.

Token purchasers are warned to seek legal advice in their respective countries as to whether the purchase of such tokens might be deemed purchase of securities in their respective countries as described in the detailed conditions.

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